Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Total immersion in the world of Porsche at Le Mans.

Porsche invites all recent owners of new vehicles* to come for a special driving experience at the Porsche Experience Center in Le Mans.

During this day of total immersion at Le Mans, you will get the chance to try out a vehicle from the same range as your future Porsche in order to learn how to handle it in unusual driving conditions with new modules on the Maison Blanche circuit including a kick plate, off-road section for SUVs, low-friction zone, and more. Our official Porsche Sport Driving School instructors will be on hand for guidance during these experiences.

Professionals will also show you the various standard equipment and options supplied and you will have the chance to fine-tune your future vehicle's final configuration if required.**

One guest per participant is allowed to take part in the driving activities as a passenger. Other guests can only access the track side as spectators. In accordance with circuit rules, underage guests cannot access the track side even as spectators.

The day will include lunch at the Maison Blanche restaurant at the Porsche Experience Center and a guided tour of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Museum, allowing you to relive Porsche's 18 wins at the famous event.

* Only new vehicles supplied from 1 June 2015 ordered in a French Porsche Center are eligible.
** Only vehicules that we can modify the day you are present at Porsche Experience Center Le Mans.

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Total immersion in the world of Porsche at Le Mans.